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Screen Shots

Here are sample screen shots from Banner Maker Pro for Flash.

The first screen is the Home Tab.  All features can be quickly accessed by selecting the tabs at the top.  The graphic is always shown in the preview panel so you know exactly what the finished product will look like as you are working on it.  There are no hidden menus, all properties appear on each of the topics for a tab.

Banner Maker Pro for Flash Screen Shot

The next screen is the Text tab. All the fonts on your system are available in their individual type so you do not have to hunt to find that 'special' font. All changes to the banner are made as an item is changed.  In addition to all of the other effects, text can be centered vertically and horizontally.

Banner Maker Pro for Flash Screen Shot 2 - Text

This screen is the Animation tab. Once you have completed your banner, simply select the animations for each item and then choose play. Options include which items to animate, the speed of the animation, the number of times to loop the animation, and delays for the start, beginning, and end of the animation. Once you have decided on the animation, save it and you are done.

Banner Maker Pro for Flash Screen Shot Animation

The final screen is the Frame by Frame Animation screen. The frame by frame animation allows you to combine several different animations together. In this example, 5 different animations get combined to form one flash animation.

Banner Maker Pro for Flash Screen Shot - Frame by Frame Animation

Here is the sample flash banner that was created.