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Sample Banners

Using the Banner Maker Pro for Flash's easy to use interface, you can create banners quickly and easily. Banner Maker Pro for Flash features include:

  • Any size banner can be created.

  • Any image or logo can be added.

  • Hundreds of backgrounds and images are available.

  • Any font can be used.

  • Over 140 different animations are available. Each of the animations can also be modified for different speeds and to include or exclude different elements.

  • Animations can be combined and run at the same time.

Here are examples of banners created with Banner Maker Pro for Flash, along with a short description as to how each banner was made.


This is an example of a frame by frame animation. It combines the "Spin Clockwise", "Spin, Shrink, Fade and Expand" and "Text - Scramble" animations. It is easy to make, you select each animation, save it, and then combine them in the frame by frame animation. The settings on the Frame by Frame Animation can be seen on the screen shots web page at the bottom.


This is an example of the "Background - Gears" animation. This animation replaces the background with a gears effect. In addition, the "FOR FLASH" text expands in and out.


This is another example of a frame by frame animation. It combines 6 different animations, but it is only 5KB, which means it will load very fast. The animations used (in order) are: 1. Scroll Left, 2. Shrink, 3. Spin and Expand, 4. Fade Out, 5. Fade In, 6. Spin, Fade Out, & Shrink. While this example only used text, the same animations can be applied to shapes and images.


This is the "Spin, Shrink & Expand" animation. The last frame is set to 150 and the background is included on the animation. The text and background all have the same animation setting.

This is an example of the "Snow" animation.


This is the "Marquee & Spin Left" and Marquee & Spin Right" animations. Animations can be run at the same time with any combinations of images, texts, and shapes.


This banner combines 3 different types of animation. There is a background animation (blue bars), an overlay animation (bubbles) and item animation (scrolling and blinking text).